A casual approach can lead to a casualty

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COVID-19 has prevailed to be the deadliest disease of the century. Around 7-8 months back, the coronavirus spread its wings to a larger level and affected a large no of human beings with fatal health issues. This scenario was resultant in imposing lockdown in almost every country to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But this is now yesterday’s news. Today, we are in the unlock phase where everything including temples, shops, markets, malls, gyms, restaurants is opened again. People are too stepping out of their homes to retain their normal routine. Even the government removed harsh restrictions that were regulated during the peak time of the pandemic. Everything seems to be getting back on track.
But while getting back on track, people seem to forget the fact that COVID-19 is still here and the vaccine that will kill COVID-19 is yet to be born. Masses aren’t taking COVID seriously anymore. Not all, but the majority of people aren’t maintaining social distancing by gathering in large numbers at public places which could again give the virus a chance to get in our breath and harm us, once again. There are many so-called “daredevils” exist who think that no germs or viruses can harm them with or without wearing a mask. Hence, they never wear a mask and put not only theirs but the health of other people who are constantly in contact with them in jeopardy. We urge such people to behave very carefully. It’s not shameful to use a mask, it is a responsible act that keeps us protected from hazardous germs and viruses such as COVID-19.   

There is yet another element of the society that hasn’t felt vulnerable by the deadly impact of coronavirus. Yes, you got it right! We’re talking about the senior citizens in your home. Since all grandpas and grandmas have lived more than enough experiences in their lives, they think that the coronavirus can’t harm their lives. But this is a sweet misunderstanding they have with the current situation. As a responsible person in the family, you must enlighten them lovingly with the consequences they (elders) could face if they don’t follow the safety rules. Since the elders are more likely to catch COVID-19, you should take extra care of them. If it is possible, do not let them out of the home. But if the exceptional case arises where they have to step out of the home, don’t let them out without wearing a mask, give them a hand sanitizer & ask them to use it frequently, and strictly instruct them to maintain a social distance.

These are unseen and testing times for all of us, but if we embrace the right hygiene etiquettes and take good care of ourselves and our beloved ones, we shall indeed conquer these unprecedented times resulted out of the corona pandemic. Don’t possess a casual approach; it can lead us to the casualty that we may not come out of easily.

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